Our Basic Slaw Recipe

Homemade Slaw is a really healthy alternative to shop bought coleslaw, and is so quick and simple to make.  I like mine with a punchy dressing, using a combination of natural yogurt, olive oil, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard and cayenne pepper. But try varying your oils and vinegar, add a touch of honey for sweetness or vary your spice or mustard. A squeeze of lemon juice is nice too. For a dairy free dressing (which I make for my Fressh stall) use unsweetened soya milk instead of the yogurt. 

Typically coleslaw is made of shredded white cabbage, carrot and onion but slaws can be made with a huge variety of raw veggies, just use what it’s your bag each week.  Finely shredded red cabbage, sprouts, cavelo nero, curly kale, cauliflower (use purple cauliflower for a little slaw drama, as per my photo!), broccoli and celeriac all work marvellously. Grated apples add a pleasant sweetness if you fancy and sliced radish in the summer work well too. 

Happy Slawing!



For the Slaw:

  • 3 Carrots*
  • 1/2 Red or White Cabbage*
  • 1 Small Red Onion

For the Dressing:

  • 1 heaped tbsp Natural Yogurt (or 2 tbsps unsweetened soya milk to make it dairy free)
  • 2 tbsps Olive Oil
  • 1 tbsp Cider Vinegar
  • 1 heaped tsp Dijon Mustard (add more if you like)
  • 1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper (more if you prefer a bigger kick!)
  • 1 pinch each of Salt & Pepper


  1. Finely slice or grate all the raw ingredients and place in a mixing bowl.
  2. Lightly whisk the dressing ingredients together, season with more Dijon, Cayenne Pepper, Salt or Pepper to taste. Run though the raw veggies and serve.