This spring we are starting to sow and plant our very first crops for the Growing Local CSA. The first release of up to fifty crop shares will be available from July 2024 – register your interest on JOIN OUR CSA page.

Growing Local CSA

We are now growing vegetables for the new Growing Local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSAs are a partnership between those who eat the food and those who grow it to ensure that fresh, local, nutritious, sustainably grown vegetables are available for the local community. 

It is an opportunity for everyone to invest and share in the production of our local food and enjoy the variety of fruit and vegetables through every season. 

The CSA crops will be grown on ten acres of outdoor field areas and undercover in two large polytunnels. We have now planted a separate heritage orchard between the cycle path and railway. 



You will be able to buy and collect our veg through a crop share scheme from July 2024. We will grow a large variety of vegetables, plus some herbs and fruit, to share with members of the scheme. Produce will be agro-ecologically grown, working with nature and supporting biodiversity.

Crop share members will receive a share of the weekly harvest throughout the year, which will be collected directly from the site or from hub points north and south of Hereford city. To ensure a year round supply our own crops will be supplemented with organically grown vegetables during the ‘hungry gap’. 


Because the partnership between grower and consumer means sharing the risks as well as the rewards and responsibilities of growing our food, the care of the earth and the biosphere is essential.  We will be dependent on what nature and the biosphere offer to produce healthy, delicious food that is free of artificial chemicals.

The priority will be to look after the soil, sequestering carbon and enriching soil life through cover crops, mixed cropping, mulching and minimal tillage. We will increase plant cover and wildlife corridors by planting up to 4,000 shrubs, hedgerow, coppice, fruit and standard trees for pollinators and natural predators. ‘Natural’ areas within the site will be left to encourage hedgehogs, amphibians, insects, birds, bees and butterflies to predate on pests and pollinate our fruit and vegetables. 

What are the benefits of being a crop shareholder?

Protect your local veg supply

No more tomato shortages with us, whatever we grow will be supplied directly to you.

Reduce your environmental impact

Buy veggies that are grown free of chemicals locally right here in Hereford.

Support our educational offer

Growing Local work with children, young people, families and adults offering subsidised growing and cooking workshops and events.

Build social connections

All members can optionally take part in volunteering to help with growing, harvesting or packing. We’ll also be running seasonal member events to celebrate our glorious produce.

Expand your knowledge

Learn all about growing or teach your children about seasonality and how veggies grow.

There really are so many reasons to support us!

Whatever your reason for joining the Growing Local CSA, you will be supporting the development of an ethical and sustainable model of growing, producing and distributing locally grown food.