Spring and Summer Tarts Galore

Over the last 12 months I have been inspired by Louisa ‘Fressh’ Foti’s recipes and ‘Fressh Foods’ The savoury tart is a mainstay of Louisa’s Fressh Foodie Stall and increasingly a regular event in the Gordon foodie repertoire. Why- because they are easy and so so tasty .. and if there is any left taste amazing the next day too.

Also I recently have become wheat intolerant hence the combination of flours that can be replaced by plain white/ brown wheat flour. If buckwheat flour is used alone the tarts will be wheat and gluten free.


For the Pastry: 

  • 100 g plain flour( I use 50:50 spelt and  buckwheat),
  • 50 g salted softened butter,
  • cold water to bind

Filling 1 – 

  • Cooked broad beans ( steamed for 8-10 mins) – after letting cool down remove the outer chopped;
  • goats cheese( sliced thinly or grated – if the harder type) ;
  • A good handful of mintchopped and sprinkled over the broad beans ;  
  • a mild blue stilton type cheese- enough to crumble into the whole tart. 
  • Goats cheesesliced into thin slices or grated ( if the harder cheese) – placed over beans, mint and blue cheese.
  • Filling 2 – Asparagus: steamed and arranged on pastry case in a spiral
  • a sprinkling of fresh, chopped mixed herbs( oregano, parsley, thyme) 
  • blue cheese crumbled over, 
  • Goats cheese grated / sliced on top

Filling 3

  • Chard/ spinach washed and chopped (not cooked, Lay in layers with sundried tomato paste spread over the leaves.
  • Goat’s cheese, grated or laid on top


  • 4 eggs,
  • ½ cup cream,
  • cup of milk,
  • salt and loads of ground black pepper 
  • beat the entire ingredients together ready to pour over the vegetable and cheese filling


  1. Grease and line a flan dish- ( 11 inch -see pic)
  2. Make the pastry by rubbing in the butter to the flour. Add enough cold water to make a pastry. A little at a time, until it can be moulded into a ball. Roll out and place in flan dish- needs a moderately thin pastry.
  3. Place in hot oven 180c for 5 mins to blind bake
  4. Once cooked place the filling of your choice into the pastry case
  5. Pour over the custard to top of case
  6. Place on tray in case the custard over flows. Cook in oven 180-200c for 25-30 mins- until golden brown and custard is set.
  7. Allow to cool- run knife around edge to loosen the pastry and lift out of flan dish to reveal the perfect tart.

Roast Tomato, basil and goats cheese tart-Roast the tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt and place over the chopped basil on the blind baked case – place the grated/ sliced goats cheese on top- pour over the custard and bake- super duper tasty with home grown cherry plum tomatoes and basil

Mushroom, Spinach & Blue Cheese – Saute the mushrooms in butter, wilt the spinach and layer with thyme and a little strong blue cheese (Stilton is great), pour over the custard.

Squash & Goats Cheese Roast butternut (or any other) squash or pumpkin in bite sized pieces. Saute a large onion or leek. Layer the onion or leek on the bottom, then the butternut and small pieces of goats cheese. Pour over the custard and sprinkle with thyme or rosemary.