#IWill Youth Volunteers

We have funding from the #IWill Fund this autumn and winter to support and inspire young people aged 10 to 18 to get involved in social action, community projects and volunteering.  

We are working with groups of young people to help construct our new Children’s Garden. Participants are helping us lay out the garden, dig out paths, construct our raised beds, plant trees and hedgerows and help design a dedicated young persons space. This is a fantastic opportunity to volunteer in the community and learn new practical skills as well as developing team building and collaborative skills and problem solving abilities. We also hope to build confidence and a huge sense of accomplishment in creating something for themselves and the community. 

If you are a school or youth group working with young people who would benefit from taking part in practical outdoor work in the community then please do get in touch to louisa@growinglocal.org.uk.

THIS PROGRAMME HAS NOW COMPLETED, though we are continuing our with youth volunteer programme to further develop the new site.