Hereford Community Market Garden Meeting 7pm 19th February 2020

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 19th February at 7pm at The Kindle Centre again. The aim of this particular meeting will be to briefly re-iterate our vision and any updates on where we are at with the project. Attendees will then split into sub-groups to each focus on a particular working area we feel is important at this stage of the project:


We are specifically asking for people to come along to this meeting who can offer help in any of the above working areas. We will be hosting further regular meetings for everyone else who is interested in driving this venture forward and we remain excited about the support, suggestions and ideas from you all. Please can you advise if you will be attending the meeting on the 19th February,

Before the next meeting we will be continuing to further investigate other CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) projects and land acquisition. I’ve attached the You Tube video we watched at the last meeting and the presentation can be viewed here

Many, many thanks again, we are really excited to make this happen for Hereford!

Louisa, Pat, Heather, Rachel and Mandy (on behalf of Growing Local and the South Wye Development Trust)